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Digital Credentials Institute (DCI), a division of Madison College, is dedicated to assisting organizations across all industries in the creation, design, distribution, advancement and ultimately acceptance of digital badge credentials. 

We believe that learning is a continuous process, happening formally and informally.

Digital badges give organizations, and individuals, the ability to capture, authenticate and share that learning in a meaningful way.

Control your own knowledge


Digital Credentials & Badges.

DCI Badges Applications

Digital Credentials

Provide evidence of specific, tangible skills: cognitive, soft, and technical. We believe that digital or micro credentials can help address the equity and skills gaps found in both our educational systems and our fast-paced marketplace.  By incorporating digital credentials into an organization’s ecosystem, learning offerings can become much more fluid and responsive to change as more employers migrate towards skilled-based hiring selection. Digital credentials give learners control of their own knowledge. We are dedicated to working with all leaders within the micro credentialing space to advance the use, standardization, and acceptance of digital credentials around the world.

The DCI will utilize our expertise in digital credentialing to offer education, support, and consultancy services for all stages of discovery, design, implementation, and most importantly sustainability. 

DCI will provide resources, research, and consultative services on topics, trends, and program design related to digital credentials, workforce training, and development.


Align training with the needs of the workforce.  They also empower individuals to take their learning achievements with them, wherever they go, allowing the earner to own their knowledge.

A badge contains:

  • Verifiable digital credentials
  • A digital emblem globally recognized to symbolizing skills and accomplishments
  • Contains detailed content describing how the earner achieved the badge and can link to evidence of learning
  • Represents attained knowledge, specific skill, set of skills, certificate, etc…
  • Easy to share in social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, blogs

We will review your specific use case and goals to help you design a program to meet your specific outcomes.


Our focus.

There is no one right way to create and design your Digital Credentialing system. The DCI will work with you to provide a path towards solutions that meet your unique needs. Utilize on our experience and hard won expertise to help guide you around the potential pitfalls to create a successful, sustainable, custom digital credentialing program that will meet your needs.

Badge Development

Not all badges are created the same – nor should they be. We will work with you and your team to create badges that work for the specific needs of your organization and learners as well as external stakeholders.


Create/issue badges within your organization without the expense of purchasing or stress and start-up time of administering a badging platform. Utilizing our staff and expertise, we will administer your badging platform for you.

Design Program and/or Badge

Our graphic design team can develop robust images for your digital badges that represent both your organization and the knowledge that the learner is gaining.


Draw upon our many years of experience and expertise to help your team jumpstart your badging journey. We can help provide a path for you to avoid pitfalls so that you can continue and sustain your badging initiative.

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